Media & Responsibility

Do the media have a responsibility to society? We have a serving MP who played a leading role in the pandemic apearing on a reality tv show. He will at some point have to answer questions at a public enquiry about his part in our excess deaths, and the awarding of contracts for among other things PPE.

In the meeting where the casting of the programme happened, what was the feeling and atmosphere in the room? “Wouldn’t it be great if we got Matt Hancock?” Was the moral responsibility and the effect on our politics or our society ever discussed? Should it have been? Was it simply a laugh and ratings winner of a discussion? Was it a case of letting this man hang himself out to dry? should TV be the place to put the heads of our village idiots in the stocks, ready for the public to throw their rotten fruit and veg? Was this issue too serious for tv? the number of deaths due to covid in care homes where Covid was the cause and a result of discharging patients back to care homes, will probably never be calculated, it’s a big number. What was Mr Hancocks role in the decision process? should he be on tv “looking for forgiveness” ahead of any enquiry? Just interest in people’s thoughts. Is “it’s only entertainment” a rightful response?