Come the Revolution

Come the Revolution and this is why. Glaziers Lane is in a small village called Easeborne in Sussex. It’s my family seat, not the big house but the slum where some 17 Glaziers lived in poverty, but with love and I suspect a lot of laughter. This is the estate gate house, now the Cowdray Estate farm shop featured on the C5 tv show. Every morning the 8 women of my family who lived in Glazier’s lane would pass it on their way to work as servants at the house. Their brothers and father would work on the estate as casual labour, a status that makes todays zero hours contracts look very attractive. 3 of the families cousins were dead or dying in midhurst work house, now luxury apartments, they were dead at 5 and 9.

How Far we have come?

As the food banks fill and the wealthy eat their hampers at the polo I am minded that in four generations we’ve not come very far. Little children dying from mould in their own homes. And a prime minister on private health care when our NHS is on its knees. The much crowing on about “investment” just enough to maintain the status quo. I listen to the bizarre tales from the negotiation over the rail strikes and realise nothing will ever change while the common sense of working people faces capitalist management totally disempowered by government policy. People who tap and shunt negotiating with managers who shunt only paper and tap their desks waiting for the next seminar it conference in Geneva. #class #supportrailworkers #cowdrayfarmshop #britainsposhestfarmshop #jgtvdirector.