200 unaccompanied children “missing”

200 unaccompanied children “missing”. We are massively failing as a society. Our probation service, our care services and child protection services for unaccompanied children. This is our fault, we are not holding this political party to account for their failure to fund and staff these services. 200 unaccompanied children missing is a wake up call to us all. The Murder of a young woman, three children and a mother from known offenders. We can all talk about how this government affects us. But let’s think about how it is directly impacting on the lives of others. Mr Zahawi’s an example of a self interested Tory playing us for fools. But his headlines should pale into insignificance when you look at the wider picture. This government is a complete failure and we all need to hang our heads in shame for allowing them into and then to stay in office. How in gods name to we live in a country where 200 children in our care go missing. And why are we not demanding action. We are all shamed by this, Tory supporters should feel especially guilty. Like all schools have a board of directors to ensure protocols are in place, so should underage asylum children in our care. They came here to safety and this is how we treat them. Directors of schools are the largest voluntary organisation in the country. Each has oversight of on or two areas of operation, child safety, finances curriculum and staffing. It often takes the common sense of committed laypeople to ask the right questions.So If it takes unpaid members of the public to be given the powers to sort out this disgrace my hand is raised.

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