Michael Rosen’s Patient Diary

Michael Rosen's Patient Diary
Michael Rosen's Patient Diary

I’d like all the people working to dismantle our NHS by stealth, to watch “The Repair Shop” as they preserve Michael Rosen’s Patient Diary. Kept by the staff that looked after him while he was in an induced coma having contracted Covid. He was alone and had he died this would have been the only witness to his last days. Epicurus said “for a life to be lived it has to be witnessed”. There are no rules about doing this, it’s done out of love and respect.

The NHS was the envy of the world. And It’s responsible for settling thousands of people from other countries and cultures in our country. The sense of loss I feel as it’s slowly dismantled, it’s like a bereavement. It is uniquely British and it represents the best of humanity.

The underfunding is the sole cause of its demise. If a consultant has seen a 26% reduction in income and if moving to Canada, Ireland or Australia can double your income why wouldn’t you leave? And it’s the same for every section of public service. Immigrants are not taking away our jobs. They are doing the jobs our government has diminished in remuneration and status, look at teaching. It’s a total disgrace. On one hand sending the “invading” hoards to Rwanda and on the other begging Nurses to come here from the Philippines. It is utter madness. The Tory government are responsible for the reworking of our cultural make up. Because any one who can should leave this sad little failing sinking ship.

Labour must budget to redress the issues of public service pay.

Rather than HS2 and the white elephant levelling up agenda, stop our schools and hospitals from falling down and stop the mass exodus of staff. Shame on every single Tory in the country, for the lies they tell and the actions they take.