TV or Politics

Hi, I’m Jonathan Glazier anti-capitalist and tv director, JG to my colleagues. you can read my TV story here that’s not what this blog is about. I have been politically active since school. Always on the liberal side of the political line, which probably means in the middle rather than at the side. I am also Nurodivergent, through my dyslexia. this from Sue Fletcher-Watson at the University of Edinburgh explains why that is relevant.

Anti Capitalism

My thinking has changed over the last 13 years. I have watched this UK Tory government and become very disillusioned with the political landscape in our country and the world. Big new ideas seem to be lost, we look at everything through the eyes of a consumer-based capitalist society. We have an opposition that is set on the same old socialist strategy. I believe Labour is the way forward for the UK but they lack inspiration they are short on policy. There is far too much pulling apart of Tory policy and not enough building of new ideas. So welcome jonathan glazier anti-capitalist.

We are locked into a society based on popularity, social media, and celebrity, we are using the rules of fantasy from reality tv in our real lives. Reality TV is a construct, I know I make it.

What to Expect from jonathan glazier anti-capitalist

Life is complex and here I only offer an exploration of ideas. Some new some old and mostly forgotten. Am I on the loony left, probably? But here is the thing I am jonathan glazier anti-capitalist….

  • Do we want to live in an economy where we are controlled by TAX?
  • So we want to work all our lives to deliver wealth to rich shareholders, often living offshore not even paying into our Tax system?
  • Do we want a society that rewards failing management with huge bonuses for delivering massive profits at the expense of the environment and the workforce?
  • Do we want to live in a society where the wage gap between workers and the boardroom is in the magnitudes of 20 times more?
  • Lastly, do we want to live in a “growth economy? GDP increased 87% during the last 13 years while the standard of an average family’s living income dropped by £6,000.

if you answered yes to any of that then this blog could be for you.